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At Optimal Body Personal Training We Focus on Delivering Great Weight Loss Results....BUT Even More Important Sustainable Results!

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Address: 2324 Long Lake Rd., Sudbury, ON

About Optimal Body

At our personal training studio in Sudbury we create a supportive, encouraging environment to help clients get results that last long-term.

Personal Training Services

Our personal training studio is in the south end of Sudbury.  Learn about the personal training services we offer.

Sudbury Personal Trainer 's

Locally owned and operated. Find out more about the owners of Optimal Body Personal Training Paul & Lissa Graham here. 

Sudbury Ontario-Personal Training Success Story

Sudbury Personal Trainer Success Story

Caroline's Personal Training Success Story

"I feel confident inside of my own body for the first time in years.  And I no longer feel guilty when I want to indulge and enjoy my favourite foods."

  • Lost 32 pounds
  • Dropped 9 inches off her waist
  • Decreased knee, back & shoulder pain

Who Did We Build Our Personal Training Studio For?

Often, we see a lot of confusion around who exactly our personal training studio is designed for.

So, if you're wondering if we might be the right fit to help you reach your weight loss, health and fitness goals give our infographic a read.

Also, here is how a few of our different clients describe what it's like working with working with us:

“The coaching is so patient, but also encourages me to push and grow.”

“The positive support and the fact that I don’t feel like I have to be perfect to see results.”

“Having the constant support from people who understand the struggles I’m going through.”

“The workouts are challenging, changing and I feel accountable.  Like I have to push myself harder than I would on my own.”

“Having someone there whose patient and not judgmental.”

“Accountability, support, hard workouts, getting direct answers to questions, and feeling like I’m part of a community.”

“Your approach with clients is outstanding, the genuine interest you guys have in every single one of your clients.”

Optimal Body Right for You?

Rachel's Personal Training Success Story

"Thanks to Optimal Body I was able to not only transform my body. But, I no longer have that voice in the back of my head constantly weighing me down."

  • Went from a size 6 to a size 2
  • Dropped 4 inches off her waist
  • Decreased 6 percent body fat

What Are Our Client's Real Goals?

Typically, when people initially sit down with us they say their goal is weight loss.  But, once we ask a few questions we get a little deeper into what their goal really is.

In our clients own words here is what they're feeling:

“I want to be able to look in the mirror and love the person looking back at me.”

“Wear a pair of shorts or bathing suit in the summer and not cringe.”

“To feel confident inside of my own body.”

“I want to feel positive and have high energy everyday.”

“I'd love to feel in control of my body and around food.” 

“I want to get in shape, be healthier and lose some weight.”

Personal Trainer in Sudbury for Weight Loss

Obviously, their goals are far more than just weighing a certain amount on the scale.  It's about how they feel inside of their own body.  

Sudbury Personal Training Success Story

Sudbury Personal Trainer Success Story

Liz's Personal Training Success Story

"Not only does my body look better, but I feel strong & healthy. It's pretty thrilling to go shopping and feel confident instead of wanting to cry."

  • Went from a size 8 to a size 4
  • Dropped 4 inches off her waist
  • Lost 5 percent body fat

Why Do Most People Struggle with Weight Loss & Getting Fit?

I'll be honest, in this area we take a very different approach than most of the weight loss and personal training industry.

Most people think that it is a problem of not enough will power, a lack of motivation or someone can't seem to hold themselves accountable.


Sudbury Personal Trainers Specializing in Weight Loss

However, we see things differently. Although it usually appears to be one of these it's usually something completely different that's impacting the persons ability to adopt positive change into their lifestyle.  Give this video a watch.

Weight Loss Before and After Picture Personal Training

Sudbury Personal Trainer in a Private Studio

Roxanne's Personal Training Success Story

"I feel alive now!  Plus, I love myself more now and go through life feeling like I have enough energy and confidence to accomplish anything I set out to do."

  • Lost 25 pounds
  • Dropped 10 inches off her waist
  • Decreased knee & back pain

How do we Coach our Clients to Getting Sustainable Weight Loss & Fitness Results?

Watch this personal training video | Arrow
Personal Training Studio in Sudbury Ontario
Before and after picture Sudbury personal training studio

Sudbury Personal Trainer Coaches Weight Loss

Pina's Personal Training Success Story

"I felt like my metabolism was in the tank.  Now I feel like I have my metabolism and my waistline back again."

  • Lost 4 inches off her waist
  • Dropped 1.5 dress sizes
  • Increased energy

Free Kick Start Trial!

  • 3 Free Training Sessions
  • Free Consultation
  • No Sales Pressure Guaranteed
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